In a new interview, Kenny Chesney takes issue with country songs that "objectify" women, and now fellow country star Clay Walker has responded to those comments.

Chesney made the remarks in the current issue of Billboard, saying, “Over the last several years, it seems like anytime anybody sings about a woman, she’s in cutoff jeans, drinking and on a tailgate — they objectify the hell out of them."

He added, “Twenty years ago, I might have written a song like that — I probably did. But I’m at a point where I want to say something different about women."

Walker appears to agree with aspects of Chesney's assessment, but he sees the issue differently in other respects.

"Great guy," he tells 'Fox & Friends.' "I've known Kenny since he started. We both started at about the same time. I understand his perspective; however, my music always uplifts women."

"You know, we have a new song on our new album called 'She Gets What She Wants,'" he adds, much to the amusement of the hosts.

Walker believes the changes that have come to country radio are mostly positive.

"Our format needed to change," he says. "It was getting stagnant, and I feel like the new music that is there, it's in rough form. But we're growing. We're gaining new fans, and that's what you want to do as a business, and we need our format to grow."

Still, he admits Chesney's argument has some valid points.

"I think that what Kenny is referring to could be just some of the distasteful stuff that you see," he observes. "It's just over the top. But I'm happy that [country music] is growing and changing. I think it will refine very soon."

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