Chris Young acquired a new little buddy not too long ago—namely, his puppy, Porter—and he wants to take his best friend out on tour with him. So he enrolled the pup in canine boot camp to get him ready for the road, and it appears Porter's all finished with his training.

Young posted a photo to social media Mar. 17, showing off his puppy-school graduate, and inviting fans to visit the dog's Instagram. Yes, you read that right: Porter has his own account.

Before you laugh, consider this. Porter's page probably has way more followers than yours! And if it doesn't, rest assured he's well on his way. Young noted Porter's 19K-plus (and growing) number in a humorous post, also on Mar. 17. As of posting time, that number has doubled.

"I run the joint," claims Porter on his IG description. Sure sounds like he is top dog, indeed.

Young's sister, Dorothy, surprised him with the German Shepherd puppy as a Christmas gift. "Growing up in my family, we always had animals, always had dogs and cats," he explains. "I was settled to the point of going, 'I really do want a dog,' and my sister kinda overheard. She started asking all my friends, 'What kind of dog has he said he wanted?' So she surprised me this Christmas."

Young is on the road for his Losing Sleep Tour, and has charmingly noted that the venues he plays have been providing a dog bed, just in case Porter might be along for the evening and need a place to rest. The singer recently racked up his 10th No. 1 hit with the single of the same name as his tour.

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