Maine's Official State song is 'The State of Maine Song' adopted in the 1930s.  We love this song but, we like other songs, too.

The world has just received a new song in it's list of State of Maine songs called "My Sweet Maine".

Governor Janet Mills signed a law on Friday to add 'My Sweet Maine' by Terry Swett to the playlist of great Maine songs.  This one has been dubbed, and legally so, 'Maine's Song of the 21st Century'.

Give it a listen:

The song was written by Terry Swett, a Bridgton songwriter, to honor Maine's 200th anniversary of statehood. In early 2020, Swett unveiled the song at a local Chamber of Commerce breakfast prior to the pandemic lockdowns.

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Recently, two State Representatives,  Representative John Andrews (L-Paris, Buckfield, Hebron) and Reprensentative Walter N. Riseman (I-Harrison) wanted to recognize Swett's song as Maine's Song of the 21st Century and created a bill to have the song reign as this century's official song. And so, it has come to be.

In an interview with The Bridgeton News in March, Swett states that he doesn't want to take over the 'Official State Song of Maine', "I am not trying to replace the 1937 song that was written by Roger Vinton Snow. This is in addition to the state song."

The Grand State of Maine has become even more grander- not only do we have an Official State Song but we now have an Official Maine Song of the 21st Century.

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