I had the pleasure of interviewing Charlie Daniels several times, but this interview seems poignant, as he talks about his recent stroke and his love of country.

The picture was taken several years before the interview, when Charlie appeared at the Bangor Auditorium. At the time of this conversation, he was appearing on the Bangor waterfront and was 73 years old. He had just released his 'Land That I Love' album and talked extensively about the inspiration for the original patriotic music. I'm not sure I've ever met anyone with a deeper love of country than Charlie. He was opinionated and devout in his beliefs, particularly his respect for the sacrifices made by members of the military.

I remember this show well. My husband and I had just started dating, and he was surprised when I asked him if he wanted to go backstage for a meet and greet. We walked through the line, into a trailer where Charlie signed autographs at a long table. We had walked back outside when Jim suddenly stopped in his tracks and said, "I just met Charlie Daniels." Mr. Daniels was always so sweet and gracious that you felt like you were meeting an old friend, and only later did it hit you what an icon he was.

Charlie had just recovered from a stroke, when we talked in 2010, and he chatted with me about his blood pressure and how doctors had gotten things under control. He lived 10 more years before another stroke took his life this month. The Country Music world will never be quite the same without his vision. Luckily, he left us a vast library of songs to remember him by. And then there's this recitation from the 'Land That I Love' album, where he talks, lovingly, of America, including the rocky coast of Maine.

Rest in peace, Charlie Daniels. We're grateful that you shared your passions with us.

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