All the way to the Moon Alice.  All the way to Mars. Mars is a lot farther away.

To salute the successful NASA Mars rover landing the Challenger Learning Center of Maine celebrates with a virtual expedition to Mars mission. The name of the program is Destination Mars.

Researchers are ready to explore Mars, but there are 40 million miles between Earth and Mars. Too many miles to travel back and forth. So a base needs to be build on one of Mars’ moons. And that’s where your child comes in.  You read correctly.  Your child can be on a student team to make that decision between the moons, Deimos and Phobos, that will allow a spacecraft to go to the surface of Mars and back in the fastest way possible.  Safest way possible as well.

March dates are still available at Challenger Learning Center of Maine. Check here 

Students can connect from home or school.

This virtual mission can help you celebrate NASA’s mars Perseverance Rover’s successful landing with your children.

With all that kids have been through in the past 11 months, this might just be the thing to get them engaged and celebrating life again.

And more good news, March dates are still available and most missions are free because of generous grant funding available. Bonus.

Don’t wait to inquire, here’s the sign up sheet 

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