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Oh The People You'll Meet...Like Mrs. Maine
What a pleasure this morning to meet Mrs. Maine America 2016 Jessica Snowdeal in the Q studio this morning. A more pleasant person hasn't entered the studio, especially since she had to get up extra early and travel to be on the air with us...
Q106.5 Morning Show Talked About These Two Things Today
What's the odds?  Oh, the two things. Casey Kasem. And me owning my own tuxedo. Who knows what we were chatting about when Cindy Campbell said she grew up thinking Casey Kasem had the coolest job in the world. Then later on some other topic, I mentioned that I owned a tuxedo...
Live at the Q: Lily + Lanie
Lily + Lanie will be taking the stage at this Friday's sold-out Original Country Gold Party with Rowdy Yates in Bangor, but before they do, we thought we'd break out one of their live performances here from the Q studios.

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