No one's thrilled at the prospect of getting snow in May, but one police agency is keeping its sense of humor.

I can't imagine that there were too many Mainers who smiled and jumped for joy when the forecasters predicted wet snow in mid-May. Spring flowers are coming up. Trees are bursting with green buds. I was even swatting away black flies in my yard last night. And then I hear....SNOW? I was born and raised here, and I've seen winter last a long time. But, enough is enough. I'm ready for flip flops, not Bean boots.

The first video I saw today was of Sugarloaf Mountain, where visible snow was falling. Not those tiny snow/ice pellets that you have to squint to see. Actual snowflakes, falling onto the still-snow covered peak. And, I have to admit, I thought 'better them than me.'

But my grumbles turned to smiles when I saw this post on the Carrabassett Valley Police Department's Facebook page. We are Mainers, after all. We can weather anything. (pun intended) Why not smile and make the best of it, because it's not like it's going to stick around. Instead of frowning, stick your tongue out and catch one last snowflake before it melts into the ground. After all, it will be your last this year. (fingers crossed)

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