A very unique, state-wide treasure hunt is underway to find the 'Dirigo Treasure'.

The game is called Dirigo Treasures Maine and is a very complicated, time-consuming, literal trek across the State of Maine that includes a specially made deck of cards and map manual that give clues through puzzles, secrets and riddles to find one grand prize.

The $20,000 prize to be won could be well worth the work but so would the adventure of finding the seven Dirigo stones that you are looking to collect to claim your prize.

The real-world treasure hunt kicked off in December and requires participants to purchase the tools needed in order to get your clues which includes a specially made, Maine-centered deck of cards and a map manual.  You have two options to purchase, both including a deck of cards, an instruction manual, post card and an envelope, that run for about $20 for the regular sized deck of cards option or $40 for the flash card sized option.

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If you want to get in on this game, you might want to get in on a deck and map manual sooner rather than later. Yesterday, the company announced on Facebook that they are in very limited supply of the deck, with about 200 left, and are looking to get more by the beginning of Maine. But, will it be before the $20,000 prize is claimed?

The prize is stated to be money from the savings of the game maker and they do assure players that there is very real, tangible money to be won.

The website has a running updated list of answering questions to do with the game including does the season matter as to when you should play the game, will COVID affect being able to play the game, as well as more clues about particular cards.

The prize hasn't been claimed yet, so you might still get to have a great adventure, enjoy the great State of Maine and still be able to get the $20,000 prize.  Good luck!

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