A 17-year-old driver and her mother were transported to the hospital Thursday after the pickup truck they were riding in spun out on a snow covered road in Aroostook County and was struck by a tractor-trailer truck, police said.

The teenager was traveling southbound up a hill on Rt. 1 in Westfield when her vehicle lost traction in the snow and spun around, Maine State Police said in a news release Friday evening. The girl's truck was facing the wrong direction and skidding backwards in the northbound side of the roadway as a semi approached her vehicle.

The driver of the semi, Albert Gatto, 77, of Presque Isle, swerved to the right to avoid a collision, but the tractor-trailer struck the passenger side of the pickup truck.

The impact caused significant damage to both vehicles.

The girl and her mother were transported to the Aroostook Medical Center for treatment of minor injuries.

Police did not say if Gatto was hurt in the accident.

The operator of the pickup was driving too fast for the snowy road conditions, according to the release.

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