A member of the state champion Brewer High School baseball team is now facing drug charges after getting caught with cocaine.

Benjamin Byorak, 18, of Brewer was arrested on June 17, after being found in the school parking lot with the drug less than 36 hours after the baseball team won the state title. The BDN reports a police officer approached a vehicle sitting in a corner of the parking lot and found a bottle of vodka and a jar of marijuana inside.

Police say Byorak allegedly bought the cocaine from a college student for $100. He then allegedly shared it with 20-year-old Logan Rogerson of Brewer, a fellow athlete and a 2016 graduate of Brewer High School who was also sitting in the car. Rogerson is charged with unlawful possession of a scheduled drug, which is a misdemeanor while Byorak is charged with felony aggravated furnishing of a scheduled drug.

The charge is considered 'aggravated' because Byorak was allegedly found with the drug in the proximity of the school. He faces up to 10 years in prison, if convicted. Both men will be in court in August.

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