There's a genuine honky tonk feel to Blackberry Smoke's new single 'Pretty Little Lie.' The song is short on polish and long on lugubrious love. While honest and heartfelt, it's a story that's difficult to embrace.

This talented band -- who will be playing the Taste of Country Music Festival this June -- has existed just under the radar for years, despite releasing a critically-praised album in 'The Whippoorwill' last August. 'Pretty Little Lie' tells one man's story of being the "other guy."

"I thought we had it all figured out / There was me and there was you and him / I was hoping for a chance to cross you out / But then you came walking in / And it hit me like I ain't been hit before," lead vocalist Charlie Starr sings in the second verse. "I guess one of us never changed / Now it's you and me sitting on the floor / I let you get away with anything."

This is a case where the lyrics are stronger than the performance. 'Pretty Little Lie' is a unique country-rock song, but not one that stings the listener in a way a great heartbreaker can. Some more detail in describing this woman would help one savor the entire moment.

The chorus goes: "Yeah you made up your mind / But he ain't here with us tonight / So kiss me one more time / Cross every "T" and dot every "I" / Of that pretty little lie / That pretty little lie."

Like many artists on Zac Brown's Southern Ground Records, Blackberry Smoke's touring success is ahead of their radio accomplishments. The looseness of 'Pretty Little Lie' gives it a live show feel, but their energy doesn't quite make it across one's iPod speakers while listening alone.

3 Stars

Listen to Blackberry Smoke, 'Pretty Little Lie'

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