A little less than 3 weeks until the election. Happy to read a report the state of Maine was #1 in percentage of registered voters in the Presidential Election in 2016, and also first in the 2014 Midterms. I have to assume the percentage of our population who will vote in just over 2 and a half weeks will be #1 in the nation too. Be proud of that. As we were told as youngsters, if you don't vote you can't complain about how things go.

One thing I wish for is more civility. I know I'm dreaming. I hear most of the political ads running, being in the radio studio for 4 hours everyday. And I shake my head. Attack and hope it sticks seems to be the approach for most ads. Facts? Sometimes, but not always. So here's to making sure we all get out and vote. And here's to not allowing any political differences to 'stick'.

One more thing I could wish for. Today's high winds blow down a few of the political signs out there. Some corners are totally crowded with signs. Anybody decide to vote for someone based on their signs?

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