No matter what she does, Miley Cyrus is a daddy's girl. Her father, country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, once again stood up for his little girl, who is grabbing lots of headlines with her twerking, sticking out her tongue and her controversial MTV VMA performance.

She also starred in her own MTV documentary, 'Miley: The Movement,' which offered her side of the story. Once again, Billy Ray beamed with pride over this little girl during a sit down interview with Arsenio Hall on his talk show.

About her MTV documentary, the singer said, "She's smart. She thought this thing out in advance of where she was going. She's going back to her heart and her roots of music, that's who she is. She grew up around the greats, Waylon Jennings, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash. The greatest. All that being said...that show, expressed where she is going, reinventing herself. She is a singer-songwriter and has a great way of expressing herself."

He made a good point, saying, "If they ain’t talkin’ about ya, you probably ain’t doin nothing."

People are talking so according to her father's perspective, her strategy is a smart one.

Cyrus also performed on the show as well.