We've been talking about it for a while, but now we're one step closer to officially changing Maine's state flag.

Our current state flag has been panned by experts as "one of the worst in America," and several Maine state legislators are working to do something about it.

A new bill, sponsored by Representative Janice Cooper from Yarmouth, and cosponsored by several other Senators and Representatives, aims to change Maine's state flag back to an earlier design. Since 1909, Maine has used its state seal on a blue field as the official flag. Before 1909, the flag contained an evergreen tree on a buff field with a blue star in the corner, representing the Pine Tree State, and the North Star, a representation of Maine's state motto "Dirigo," Latin for "I Lead."

Courtesy of Maine Flag Company
Courtesy of Maine Flag Company

Legislators will debate the bill and decide if it will move forward this session.

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