Jake Arsenault from Biddeford took his dad up on a bet, and now he's viral!

According to USA Today, Jake's mom said that he should wear an old Halloween hot dog costume for his school picture! Jake wasn't a fan of the idea until dad basically dared him.

The newspaper said that he told told Jake...

Dude, do it...it'll be legendary!

He's right. The picture has gone viral! And Jake made some cash out of it because dad promised 10 bucks if he went through with it.

Craig Arsenault Facebook
Craig Arsenault Facebook

Jake goes to the Biddeford Intermediate School and his parents were like, if the school lets you wear the hot dog, go for it.

They actually wrote to the school and asked if he could! The school said okay.

Craig posted it to his Facebook page saying,

The school let him do it, and I couldn't be happier.

The picture has been shared over 32 thousand times, and Jake is loving the attention. This has gone national! But he does have one regret...it was a half day on picture day. He wishes he could have worn the hot dog suit all day!

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