A Belfast man had to be rescued by helicopter from the Precipice Trail at Acadia National Park.

Park officials say the 26-year-old man was not prepared for the conditions on the trail, which is challenging in good weather. The Precipice is a rugged non-technical climb in the summer, with open cliff faces and iron rungs. This hiker, who was experiencing his first trip to the park, didn't have any type of crampons or traction control devices to deal with the icy ledges created after recent rains followed by very cold weather. All trails in the park are currently extremely icy.

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It was just after 11:00 Wednesday morning when Acadia Dispatch received a cellphone call from the man, who had started his hike at around 9:00 am from Schooner Head Road. Rangers assessed the situation, noting that the hiker was unable to move up or down, from his position,. He had wedged himself against a tree to avoid sliding down the cliff face. In the interest of keeping rescuers and the hiker safe, they opted to call for air assistance. The Maine Forest Service was contacted through the State Police Regional Communications Center, and they called in the Air National Guard. The hiker suffered minor injuries, however officials say he declined further medical attention after he was flown to safety at a Bar Harbor ballfield by a Maine Air National Guard helicopter.

Park officials advise visitors to Acadia to prepare for cold weather and icy conditions, with extra layers of clothing and traction control devices.

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