If you know me in person, you might know that I really do love all the walking trails that Bangor has to offer. I do in other places too, but Bangor is right next door. I love the peace and quiet, the fresh air, and all the other wonders of nature that you see out there. I tolerate the people. Hahaha.

But the Bangor Land Trust is seriously upping their game with a new program called the Edible Landscape Project. The general concept is that along the trails, all sorts of edible things like fruit and nut trees, berries, apple trees, and the like, will be planted along the trails, says the BDN.

It will serve a two-fold purpose. 1) It can help sustain wildlife that sees smaller habitats all the time due to Bangor's increased housing. 2) It will add to the experience if you're out on the trails.

How great will it be to walk along, come upon a patch of raspberries or blackberries, and be able to snag a handful and move on your way? But of course, you know the golden rule.... From a little, take a little, leave a little. Don't be a hog!

The Land Trust has received some donations, and has also sourced out cuttings and seeds from local folks in the position to share. But if you would like to donate, or volunteer to get out there and help do some of the planting, you can get in touch with them through BangorLandTrust.org.

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