I would imagine most of us rarely think twice about our house number. You tell it friends/visitors dozens of times a year, but never really give it a second thought. I know I hardly do. But have you ever given much thought to the people who may desperately need to see the number on the front of your house?

That's why the Bangor Police Department, with some help from Bangor High School's Jr. ROTC program, and Boy Scout Troop #301, are letting folks know it's in your best interest for the numbers to be visible.

First responders of all kinds, be it police, fire department, or EMT's, need to be able to see where they are headed. In an emergency situation, no one wants first responders wasting time trying to decide if they're at the right house or not. So the BPD, ROTC, and Boy Scouts are getting out and going to door to door to let folks know if their digits aren't visible from the road.

It's not a matter of legality. It's not the law to have your numbers visibly displayed, but again, who wants the fire department to drive past your burning house because they can't tell which one is yours? Plus, it's not expensive. Basic numbers to go on your house can cost as little as $5 or $6 a piece on Amazon, and probably just as cheap at your local hardware or department store.

So if you live around Bangor, and see these young fellas coming up your driveway, you should definitely listen to what they have to say, and get your numbers visible. It could literally be the difference between life or death!

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