A former teacher is facing charges after allegedly taking video of women around Bangor without their knowledge or consent.

Benjamin Emmott, 30 of Winterport, faces seven counts of violation of privacy.

Bangor Police Sgt. Wade Betters said detectives have been looking into Emmott's activities. The investigation started after detectives learned that Emmott had allegedly been secretly recording video of women at various public places around the city of Bangor. Out of a concern for privacy, police are not divulging any of the locations where the videos were shot.

Upon further investigation, police learned that Emmott had been engaged in this activity for several years, and detectives set out to identify as many of the women from the videos as they could. After interviewing those women, police charged Emmott with seven counts of violation of privacy, which is a class D crime. The investigation is ongoing, so police say more counts of the charge are likely.

WGME-TV reports Emmott was formerly a special education teacher in Bangor but resigned last month, as a result of this investigation. Police say there's no evidence to suggest that he had ever recorded videos of students or anyone less than 18 years old. He had been working in that capacity since 2015 and have previously worked at Husson College.

The law reads:

"Engages in visual surveillance in a public place by means of mechanical or electronic equipment with the intent to observe or photograph, or record, amplify or broadcast an image of any portion of the body of another person present in that place when that portion of the body is in fact concealed from public view under clothing and a reasonable person would expect it to be safe from surveillance."

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