Police now say an accident that killed two motorcyclists during a charity toy run in Augusta was caused when one of the bikes swerved into the adjacent lane. A pickup truck driver tried to avoid hitting the bikes, but lost control of his truck, hitting a number of motorcycles. Now, officials are working to determine what caused the motorcyclist to swerve.

In the wake of a massive data breach at Equifax, the federal trade commission says scam callers are posing as representatives from the credit reporting agency, asking for account information. An FTC spokesperson says Equifax will not call out of the blue and you should never give any personal or financial information even if the caller ID claims to be from the credit agency. Mainers are advised to consider freezing their credit temporarily to prevent access from imposters.

With kids heading back to school it’s no surprise that flu season has already begun. With confirmed cases of the flu already reported in the state, health officials advise Mainers to get flu shots, wash hands often, and stay home when they’re sick to avoid spreading the virus. For more information on how to avoid getting sick, log onto Maine flu dot gov.

Folks can drop off their unwanted electronics between 9 and 1 this Saturday at Challenger Learning Center and make a donation to support the facility’s STEM learning programs. And then from 10 to 2, a Fall Family Festival at Sprague’s Nursery in Bangor will offer entertainment, a petting zoo, and more which will also benefit the learning center. For more information on both events, log onto astronaut dot org.

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