Police are working to determine who sent a letter to Senator Susan Collins’ husband yesterday that the writer claimed was contaminated with Ricin. Tom Daffron and the family dog were quarantined while several agencies worked to clear the threat, allowing Senator Collins to return to the home last night. Collins has been dealing with threats ever since her vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court.

High winds overnight have left many Mainers without power. As of 4:00 this morning, CMP reported over 57 thousand customers affected, while Emera had over 95-hundred in the dark. Crews are working to restore electricity knocked out by falling branches and trees.

The Ellsworth Police Department is working with the local school department to decide on the best course of action for two students involved in back-to-back incidents. A high school student allegedly threatened to shoot up the school and, the next day, a 14-year-old boy set off a firecracker in the high school auditorium. School officials are considering holding expulsion hearings for both students.

The Warden Service is asking hunters to help them locate a Waterford man who’s been missing for 10 days. A landowner found Ricky Howard’s Toyota Rav4 on October 7th, abandoned off the Deer Hill Road in Waterford, but there was no sign of the 49-year-old. Anyone who thinks they’ve found a clue to his whereabouts is asked to contact local officials.

The Nokomis school district is holding a contest for all students, artists, and community members to invent a new visual identity logo to go with the mascot ‘Warriors’ name. The name Nokomis will stay but the American Indian image will be dropped. Find more information at RSU 19 dot org.

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