Folks can ride the bus for free today as they head to the polls. The Community Connector is offering free rides to the polls in Bangor, Brewer, Hampden, Veazie, Orono, and Old Town. Just tell the driver you’re going to vote and you won’t be charged for the ride.

The City of Bangor will spend eighty-six hundred dollars on a study that will determine the cost of building solar arrays on municipal property. The council’s finance committed accepted the lowest bid proposal from ReVision Energy Incorporated last night to evaluate the merits of solar energy.

A Westbrook man was able to swim to safety after his car rolled off the Frye Island Ferry and into Sebago Lake Monday night, but his two dogs perished in the crash. Officials say Dennis Feeney failed to put his Mercedes into park when he parked on the ferry, and it rolled forward, into the water. Yesterday was the final day for the ferry’s operation, until the spring.

Governor Paul LePage says he’s considering taking up teaching after his political run is up in January. LePage and his wife own a house in Florida, and he told reporters yesterday that he’s in talks to teach at a couple of universities there. Whatever his next move, the governor says he’s done with politics.

A local advertising agency is sponsoring a frenzy of pie throwing, all to help fight hunger in Maine. Folks can vote whether the pie should go to Dan Cashman, Cary Weston, or Ric Tyler and, for every 50 dollars donated, a pie will be thrown.  Plus for every 500 dollars in donations, the pie will hit a local celebrity guest. Find more information on the website for Sutherland Weston.

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