A Southern Maine man is dead following what police say appears to be an accidental shooting in a Baldwin gravel pit. 20-year-old Chance Gallant was with a group of young men engaged in target practice Sunday afternoon when two men tried to fix a jammed rifle and it went off .

An accident that closed an off-ramp to I-395 in Brewer Saturday involved a commercial driver allegedly driving while impaired. The driver of a dump truck loaded with tar, Steven Galati, was charged with operating under the influence after rolling his truck as he tried to exit the interstate onto Wilson Street. He was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Wildlife officials are boosting a program to vaccinate raccoons in the wild in an effort prevent the spread of rabies in Maine and northward into Canada. Officials are increasing the number of doses from 125,000 last year to 351,000 this year that will be distributed in northeastern Maine next month. So far, there have been 30 cases this year of animal rabies in 15 of Maine's 16 counties, including a woman bitten by a rabid fox on her porch in Monmouth.

The Maine Lobster Festival kicks off on Wednesday in Rockland, celebrating its 70th anniversary this year. The festival that runs through Sunday will feature the coronation of the Maine Sea Goddess, plenty of Maine lobsters to eat, and the very popular lobster trap races. For a schedule of events, log onto Maine lobster festival dot com.

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