A man who allegedly shot a police officer before a high speed chase that began in Waterville on December 22nd is now charged with aggravated attempted murder. Richard Murray-Burns allegedly shot a Waterville officer in both arms while speeding away from a traffic stop. Murray-Burns has been hospitalized since being shot by police.

Maine had one less homicide last year than in 2018, for a total of 22, and fewer of those were related to domestic violence. However, the number of pedestrians killed by being struck by vehicles went from 6 to 16. The Bureau of highway safety says increased grants to law enforcement and educational campaigns will promote pedestrian safety.

It’s now required by law in Maine for private health insurers to cover hearing aids. The law makes Maine the fifth state to require the insurers to cover up to three thousand dollars per ear every three years.

Minimum wage in Maine is now 12 dollars per hour, up from 11 dollars last year. This is the fourth annual increase in Maine under a 2016 ballot measure that started when the state’s minimum wage was seven-fifty an hour.

More than 300 thousand Maine property owners will be receiving checks from the state, starting this week. The $104 dollar checks are tax relief for people who qualified for the Homestead Exemption. Residents can follow the processing of the mailings on the state treasurer's website.

The National Park Service is recruiting six Acadia Teacher Fellows to spend the summer learning about the natural and cultural resources, and ways to protect them. Selected teachers will work on MDI and at Schoodic Point. K through 12 public school teachers can apply through the website for Acadia National Park.

A Passadumkeag man is a million dollars richer after winning the first Powerball drawing of 2020. Blaine Marston won a trip to New York City, as part of Powerball's first millionaire of the year promotion, and won the live drawing that aired right after the ball drop.

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