A 75-year-old Clinton man was able to walk away after an ultralight plane he was piloting crashed about 25 miles north of Augusta. State Police say Bill Fuller was treated for cuts and bruises, but was otherwise okay. His plane crashed into woods in the late morning yesterday and hit a number of trees.

The folks at the Springfield fair are embracing the spirit of P.T. Barnum, deciding the show must go on despite the fact that the company that was to provide carnival rides has backed out of their agreement. All other facets of the traditional country fair will be held, beginning on September 1st, including agricultural events, large inflatables, shows and exhibits. TV-5 reports owners say it may be the last year for the fair unless a new owner and carnival company can be found.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is providing more than $2 million through the Indian Housing Block Grant, which will benefit Micmacs and Maliseet Indians in Aroostook County, the Penobscot Indian Nation, and the Passamaquoddy Tribes of Pleasant Point Reservation and Indian Township. Senators Collins and King say the money will help the tribes maintain and improve affordable housing options on their lands.

Mainers won’t be able to see the full solar eclipse on Monday, but from our vantage point, we will get to see a little over half of the sun blocked by the moon. The eclipse will begin just after 1:00 on Monday and should reach its peak at around 2:45. Folks are reminded not to look at the eclipse with the naked eye, but to wear protective glasses, which can be picked up at many local libraries or at most department stores.

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