I've always been a fan of farmer's markets. Even when I was a kid, we used to go to the local farm stand a lot to get produce. And Bangor has a great open-air farmer's market all through the summer and into the fall. The last several years, there's also been a great indoor farmer's market too, down at The Sea Dog in Bangor.

Starting this year, however, they're going to have some new digs for the indoor market out at 50 Cleveland Street in Bangor.... Tucked in over near the UMA campus, near the big red and white checkered water tower. You know, the one with the green and white lights that you can see blazing in the night sky all the way to Sidney?

The spot they'd been using down at the Sea Dog was unavailable this year, so the Bangor Farmer's Market Association got approval for a lease agreement from the city council, according to WABI - TV5.

If you're asking yourself why there's even still a market this far into the fall, you haven't been to enough of them. There's so much great late season produce out right now, like squashes, carrots, garlic, and all sorts of other root vegetables. So eat up, Bangor! Fall is delicious too.

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