Years ago, things were a lot different at the Bangor Humane Society. They did whatever they could to get pets adopted and into homes, but the outcome was nothing like it is today. Back then up to 50% of the pets they took in were eventually euthanized. These days, less than 5%, according to WABI - TV5.

So, they're getting rid of the incinerator. And to them it's a big deal. Not just because it's part of a larger project that involves substantial renovations, but the space that previously housed the incinerator, will now be the new intake area. So a place that was often seen as the end of the road for unwanted pets, is where they now begin their journey to their furever home.

Over the next year, BHS will be making all sorts of new improvements to update their facility, and bring the space into a more modern era. And this is just part of the process. What a great metaphor for how much treatment of animals has changed in the last several decades. Kudos to you, Bangor Humane Society!

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