Today is one of those glorious days everyone in the Bangor area waits for.... the day that the city begins to go from neighborhood to neighborhood, and collect all the junk you've been saving up all winter. Or maybe all the yard debris you've amassed since the snow finally went away long enough to actually get something done outside.

On the City of Bangor website, they lay out the details pretty specifically about how they'd like to grab your refuse. All items can be left by the side of the road in front of your house, but piled separately. Leaves in one pile, brush in another. And please lay all your brush parallel to the road for easy pickup.

You can also leave some metal items by the side of the road too. But just scrap. No TV's or air conditioners, or fridges. Basically, no electronics and nothing with freon. There are places you can bring those types of items, but for a fee. Check out this link, and it'll tell you where to get rid of the items that the city won't pick up.

It's a great service by the city. It's pretty cool that you can just sweep a bunch of junk, trash, and leaves right up to the curb, and the city comes and just makes it all go away. Now, if they'd just offer someone to come and clean out my garage....


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