Okay, you procrastinator you, you've decided to wait until the last minute to do some Christmas shopping. I know you've got a good excuse so I won't hold it against you. I had a friend many years ago who use to purposely wait until Christmas Eve day to start his shopping--seriously--and I'd usually get a call to tag along to keep him company. Thank goodness he didn't have many to buy for, and thank goodness he wasn't making a lot of money back then. But I gotta say that it was from him that I learned the art of 'power shopping.'

And as you know, when you've waited this long the selection becomes a bit slim. So I searched a bit on-line and I found a site with some pretty good last minute ideas that just might save you from shopping at a local convenience store where you'll end up with a lottery scratch ticket and a pack of beef jerky for your loved one.

Go ahead and read the story. You can thank me later.

Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images