Members of the Augusta Police Department invite residents to join them for a cup of coffee and some open conversation this week.

It's easy to identify the police by their uniforms and cruisers. But, too often, people forget to look beyond those symbols to the person who wears the badge. They're young and not-so-young, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, daughters and sons. And they're interested in getting to know you a little better, and learning what's important to you in the community.

So on Thursday, members of the force will be at the McDonald's on Bangor Street in Augusta between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. It's an opportunity to chat with the police about anything you want, from civic matters, to concerns about the drug trade, to how well the Patriots will do this year! Yup, it doesn't have to be about law enforcement. They just want residents to become more comfortable with them and see the people behind the uniform.

Several other communities have held very successful 'Coffee With a Cop' events, as part of a national program, and the folks at the Augusta department are hoping residents will turn out and make theirs a big success, as well! This is their first such event, and they hope to hold more in the future.

Deputy Chief Jared Mills said in a press release that the Augusta Police Department is committed to keeping lines of communication open with the public, 'and this latest community outreach will serve as another forum for the people of Augusta to interact positively with their Police Department.'