So Easter 2018 falls on April !st this year. And it would seem to me, that this is a prime time to throw down some serious pranking. All the conditions are ripe to achieve legendary April Fool's status for years to come.

A lot of people get up early for sunrise service at church, so their whole day will be off to a grumpy and unprepared start. Or other folks will be head down and prepping hard for an Easter brunch or dinner, and their guard will be down as well. Everyone knows the secret to a killer prank is totally catching your victim unawares.

Obviously, eggs are a gold mine. You can hide fake money inside the egg by gluing a corner of a bill to the outside of the egg, but then crazy-gluing the egg shut, making it impossible to get the money. Or put multiple smaller eggs inside larger ones, with one single jelly bean in the center. Scope this video for great ideas:

Outside of the eggs, you could also spike someone's Peeps with an over-the-top hot sauce. Imagine taking a bite of your beloved Easter Peep, and having it literally bite you back, right in the mouth. Or you could make delicious Easter Parfaits for the big dinner with all the family. But what if you subbed the "Oreo Dirt" with mostly real dirt from the yard? Or even Deviled Eggs that burn your mouth out from all the wasabi you mixed in. This video explains some of these vicious tricks:

This last video details some cool stunts as well. Such as "Peeping" your neighbors yard with hundreds of Peeps on sticks. It might be hard this year with all the stupid snow in everyone's yard, but you must have a neighbor that would hate this. And if you can't prank the "friendly" neighbor next door, who can you prank?! You could also fill a hollow chocolate bunny with mayonnaise or mustard. Better yet, fill it with both!!

The most important part of any prank though, is to remember your audience. Some folks just can't deal with being made a fool of. So don't do anything that will turn your whole family against you and get you uninvited to all future family gatherings. Unless of course, you're an evil genius that's looking to thin the family herd.

So good luck, and remember to wear a solid pair of shoes, and keep the car keys handy in case you need to make a hasty exit with the whole family at your heels.

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