A man from Ohio was rescued from the Appalachian Trail, when he reportedly starting having chest pains.

It was a complicated rescue after Game Wardens received a call just after 7:00 Sunday morning that a 33-year-old man was experiencing chest pains at the Sidney Tappan campsite. The campsite is located between Gulf Hagas Mountain and West Peak, in an area known as the 100-mile wilderness, and is one of the more remote and difficult sections of the Appalachian Trail.

Maine Warden Service
Maine Warden Service

Rescuers split into two groups, in order to try and access the campsite from each side of the mountain. Game Wardens used an ATV to get within a half-mile of the trail, and then hiked into the campsite. Once they got there, the wardens radioed a Maine Forest Ranger Helicopter, who then extricated the hiker from the trail and brought him to a waiting ambulance. He was taken to CA Dean Hospital in Greenville. There's no word on his condition.

Wardens worked with Maine Forest Rangers, Greenville Rescue, CA Dean Ambulance, and an Appalachian Mountain Club employee to complete the rescue.

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