October is Anti-Bullying month, and after spotlighting Maine's Lexi James song "This Is My Time" as a Dunkin' Donuts Fresh Track of the Day, we discovered that the song has meaning against bullying.

The day after Lexi's song was spotlighted on Q-106.5, I received an e-mail from Bill Babin, a member of Kryer Creek, the band that Lexi is a member of, and it reads...

My name is Bill Babin and I am the co-writer of This Is My Time. First, I want to thank you so much for the opportunity to be listed on the site.  It means a ton for Lexi and myself, and the whole band.

We want to thank WQCB-FM 106.5 and JR for giving Lexi this opportunity to appear on the Dunkin' Donuts Fresh Track of the Day page!!  We are extremely honored...  :) I'd also like to let the listeners know that this song has a special meaning for Lexi.  The song is a message about bullying and about being true to one's self, no matter people say to pull you down.  Lexi is spokesperson for

PACER Teens Against Bullying; a national organization dedicated to education and bullying prevention.  We are so proud of her partnership with PACER and just wanted to let the listeners know - there's more to the story behind this song.  So,  check out Lexi’s website (lexijamesmusic.com) to hear the whole message and complete song!! 

Thanks so much!!
We really appreciate your time and support for Lexi and the band.
...after reading this e-mail, what a better way to show Q-106.5's support of Anti-Bullying Month than to bring Lexi back, talk about the song, and her partnership with PACER! If you missed the interview, click below to listen.