Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap's office has released two animated videos that explain Maine's voting system.

The videos are based on the Maine voter guide, and detail the process of registering to vote and casting your ballot.They were created 'in-house' using animation software, and are narrated by SOS Matt Dunlap, who says he hopes to make the process less intimidating.

"The process of registering to vote and actually casting your ballot can be daunting, particularly for new voters," Dunlap said in a recent press release. "Our hope is that these animated videos will make it more interesting and fun to learn about the process, which will ultimately encourage citizens to get registered and make their voices heard at the ballot box."

The videos are cute and easy to follow. And well-timed with our very-important Presidential election just a month away. If you're new to the process, watch the videos, and then we'll see you at the polls!