Got the 2nd shot Saturday.  First impression, the line to get into the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor was longer, but once inside everyone is extremely efficient, more than friendly and polite, and work with total precision.

Shout out to Nurse Dee from Charleston who poked me. Nice job, and it was nice to chat with you.

The people were younger this time. And beginning this week almost any adult can make the appointment to get the vaccine.  That’s a good thing.

Overall a very good rating to all who are working on this project.

Eric Church kind of summed things up like I think when he got his shot and appeared on the cover of Billboard Magazine.

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Agree with The Chief. And I am not lecturing.  I am hoping you will get the shot.  The scientists have convinced me that the more people that get vaccinated the better chance we have as a society to get back to normal without the risk of contracting Covid-19.  We all have a right to believe what we want, but this is a worldwide pandemic that has to be curtailed.  The more that get the shot, the better off we will all be.

Now I get to plan a trip. I have missed travelling in the past year.  But other than that, life rolls on.

Here’s the required selfie.

Scott Miller
Scott Miller

Okay, not really a selfie, but close enough.

And now it is time to search for a Vaccination T Shirt to buy to celebrate.  “Kiss Me. I’m Vaccinated” “Hug Me. I’m Vaccinated” “Vaccinated and Still Wearing a Mask” “Vaccinated. Can’t Wait To Party””I got Vaccinated, But I Still Want Some of You To Stay Away From Me”.

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