Kids are encouraged to bring their parents to a fun 'Trunk or Treat' evening at the Anah Shrine in Bangor.

I went to my very first trunk or treat last weekend in Orrington, with my son and his family. It's such a cool community event! Participants decorate the trunks of their vehicles in a variety of ways and hand out candy to trick or treaters.There's fun for the parents, as well, because they get to vote for their favorite trunk design. Orrington's trunks included one with a Star Wars theme, complete with a guy in a storm trooper costume. My oldest grandson thought that was pretty cool!

Anah Shrine does it a little differently, with folks decorating tables or spaces inside their beautiful building on Outer Broadway, rather than the trunks of their cars. This way, everyone stays safe and warm, and the event planners don't have to worry about things like rain or ice. Community members and groups can reserve a space to decorate and hand out candy, but they ask that you contact them ahead of time. Just call Ryan Otis at 469-5604 to get more details.

Everyone's invited to do some trick or treating inside the Anah Shrine building, between 6:00 and 8:00 Friday night. It's free to get in, but they will be accepting donations. Put on your best costume and stop by for some Halloween fun!

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