With all of the restrictions and rules surrounding out-of-state visitors to Maine this summer, there's been a few more side-eye glances doled out to Massachusetts drivers in 2020 than in years past. After all, Massachusetts is the only New England state that has COVID-19 requirements for visiting Vacationland still in place. So one woman from Maine wanted to let her friends, neighbors and anyone else in the Windham area know, she's not from Massachusetts and it's all her husband's fault that you even think that.

Reddit via CoalVein
Reddit via CoalVein

Shared on Reddit by CoalVein, there's a pretty unmistakeable message scribed on the back window of that rental vehicle with Massachusetts plates. If part of that small rant is making your eyes hurt, here's what it says:

If my husband would stop hitting deer, I'd stop driving rentals! I'm NOT a M***hole.

If this story sounds vaguely familiar, you must be thinking about poor old Fran from Bethel. Fran became an overnight sensation in Maine after she taped a homemade sign to the back of her rental car letting people know that she wasn't from New Jersey trying to break visiting rules, it was simply your friend Fran from Bethel.

Whomever was driving this other vehicle spotted in Windham far more direct in her messaging than Fran. Despite the sweet Chevrolet Tahoe as a rental, she's none too pleased that her husband won't stop crashing into deer and leaving her fighting off nasty looks from locals. Only in Maine. Please never change.

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