A group called the Neighbors for a Better Bangor have been busy going door to door as waterfront concert season begins to encourage residents to speak up.

Photo via Kat Gould

With dozens of calls flooding the emergency dispatchers during Waterfront Concert season it is no secret some are opposed to the noise that comes with the numerous traveling bands. But now, the Neighbors for a Better Bangor are getting complaints as well.

Bangor City Councilor Ben Sprague posted to his Facebook Thursday that he was already getting calls about this group going door to door. His response was "To the 100,000+ people who will enjoy an outdoor concert in Bangor this year, spending millions of dollars in this process and supporting all kinds of local jobs, I say WELCOME! We are happy to have you here! I am excited about the concert season, who is with me???"

After the first concert Saturday only 86 noise complaints were received, significantly less than the 124 received last spring during the same heavy rock festival.  Waterfront Concerts promoter Alex Gray also has attributed most complaints to “taste intolerance,” citing the fact that the loudest concert to date was Reba McEntire in 2011, but that concert also received the fewest complaints.

We will see how many complaints Reba gets this year, although it's hard to imagine her getting any complaints!