Honestly, this story first caught my attention on a national website, CoastToCoast.com, which is a website dedicated to reporting about the supernatural or aliens, etc. So it jumped out at me right away when I noticed they were talking about a creepy marble head discovered in Brownfield, near the New Hampshire border.

Photo: Brownfield Historical Society
Photo: Brownfield Historical Society

Naturally though, because of the general content of the website, their description of the events was a bit on the dramatic side. Although they made a valid point about how the owners of the property have opted to keep their identity and location a secret to avoid having people showing up at their house asking to dig up their property to look for more creepy stuff.

According to an additional story from WGME-TV13, the head was actually discovered about four years ago when the home owner was just leveling off a small area of the yard, when the piece was discovered about a foot below the surface. Jess Davis of the Brownfield Historical Society had this to say:

He was digging just, leveling out the ground. The head was about a foot down. And when he dug it up of course it was pretty surprising and he thought it was pretty cool so he just left it on his deck and it's been a conversation piece ever since.

It looks like it's suffered a bit of damage. Either from some heavy, blunt object, or perhaps even shot with a gun at some point. Whatever happened, it's likely what caused it to become separated from the rest of the statue.

Davis believes the head likely has some historical significance to the town, of some kind. And the question of why it was buried in the yard for all these years, isn't readily clear. Maybe it was a prank, who knows? But the historical society is going to great lengths to find the sculptor, or to see if they can find the rest of the sculpture.

Good luck on their search, and I can't wait to find out later, what the rest of the story is.

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