When I was a kid, the diversity of summer camps was a bit lacking. No matter where you went to for camp, it basically always consisted of swimming, arts & crafts, yadda yadda.... But just here in the area, there are rock 'n' roll summer camps, police safety camps, conservation camps, art camps... and the list goes on.

In Albion, at Hart to Hart Farm, kids have been having a blast this week, learning all about farm life. It's like Green Acres without all the entitled rich people. But they're learning about cows, sheep, and goats, as well as a host of other animals that you'd find on just about any working farm.

Camp Director, Linda Hartkopf, had this to say to WABI-TV5:

Any time they work with animals, they really learn a lot about themselves, because they're going to have to deal with problem solving. Particularly if your animal doesn't want to move. How do I get it to move? So getting them to think about themselves and how you relate that to animals, and what we really enjoy seeing is the growth in confidence we see in these kids over the course of the week.

I can personally relate to that sentiment. When I did my rock camp a couple of weeks ago, there was one camper who was super shy. But by the end of the week, the kid was up on stage, belting out songs and having a blast. So if kids are pushed out of their comfort zone in a supported way, they tend to flourish.

Hart to Hart Farm offers camps many different times, all year long. So it's not just summer. If your kid loves it, they can go back for all sorts of experiences. They also have some scholarships available too, so don't automatically assume it's not affordable. You can check out all the farm's info, and see what the camps are all about here.

And you might just be able to get your kids off the screen, and moo-ving! (ugh, sorry)

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