After getting hit with tons of snow a lot of Mainers are asking "why do I put up with this?". Here are some good reasons to just deal with Maine's snow in order to stay in the state.

With snow banks over your head and more snow on the way it's not uncommon to think "why the heck do I live in Maine?!" We hear you, we understand. But there has to be something here worth staying for as over 1 million people call the state home! Here are some of the things we think make Maine worth it:

The Distinct 4 Seasons

While snow may be a pain to us, it is something some people only hear about! Can you imagine!? There are people who have never touched snow in their lives! We admit Maine winters are rough, but the summers are the best, so we always have something to look forward to. Also, because summer only lasts about 2-3 months we treasure it! Don't forget autumn! Tourtists come to our state to see our gorgeous foliage, something we take for granted.

Tons of Recreation Options

It doesn't matter the season, Maine has it all! From snowmobiling to surfing the waves on the coast! Rock climbing, hiking, skiing down hill, cross country, or on water, hunting, fishing, camping, the list is endless!

The Views are Amazing

From mountain tops to the coast, and forests to the lakes, this state has a lot of beauty to offer! There are some places that don't have the option of going to the beach on the ocean, some people have never even seen the ocean! We also are one of the most forested states which offers us some very peaceful locations.

You Like The Simple Life

Barely any traffic, privacy, old time values, and not much change. Does it get any better than this? Need some alone time? There are tons of places to find peace and quiet! It's almost like being on vacation all the time, I guess that's why they call it vacationland!

You Don't Like Extreme Heat

When you have your pick of freezing cold weather for a few months or temperatures over 70 for most of the year, cold doesn't seem so bad. It's easier to add layer than it is to get cool in extreme heat. If we can have more of one or the other, we think cold is the way to go.

What did we miss!? What are some of the reasons you put up with the snow to stay a Maine resident?


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