As if we need any encouragement to swear. Nor do we need any more excuses to swear, we have plenty of those. Driving on 395 for more than a few minutes, and someone will be doing 60 in the passing lane, as someone zips by at 85 in the slow lane.  Go ahead, mutter under your breath no more. Let those expletives fly.

Here’s the survey

People who mix it up and use different swear words have better language skills in general, and that’s a good thing.

If you swear a lot, it might be because you’re being more honest than others. So no need to hold back.

There was a research project and people dunked their hand in ice cold water and kept it there. Those who swore were able to keep their hand in the water longer than those who uttered ‘shoot’ or ‘darn’.

Swearing can be a sign of creativity.  Swear words are from the right side of your brain, the ‘creative’ side. Say no more. There have been cases that people who have had a stroke and lose use of the right side of their brain no long swear even though they used to swear a lot.

Best reason is throwing expletives is better than throwing punches. It’s a less risky way to vent. Punching someone is dangerous. Swearing to get rid of the anger is less dangerous. And you still get to express the same emotion. So next time someone at the grocery store invades your space and doesn’t understand the concept of social distancing, instead of getting physical, let a few swear words fly. Best to have a back up explanation ready.  “No I didn’t say D**n. I said where’s the ‘Ham’ Rhymes. ‘F***’ No I said ‘Luck” “With a little luck it’ll be a nice weekend”

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