One of the questions tourists ask Mainers most is 'Where can I see a moose?" Here are five areas of Maine where your chances of spotting a moose is best.

Because moose are wild animal and are not in our control, it is impossible to guarantee that you will see a moose in any of these places. But your chances are a lot better in these five spots than anywhere else in the state, and maybe even New England.

Here are the most "moosey" spots in Maine based on accidents, habitat, and sightings in alphabetical order:

1. Aroostook County's Rt 11

Head north on Rt. 11 from Patten to Fort Kent with your eyes open. Especially at night! The habitat here is ideal for moose and they are all over the place! Much of the drive is surrounded by thick forest that moose can come crashing out of suddenly. As always when looking for moose, use caution.

2. The Golden Rd./ Baxter State Park

Logging roads off the Golden Rd are often highways for moose going out for a snack and the numerous bodies of water in Baxter are prime for moose. The best part is, in Baxter cars are traveling at a relatively slow speed making it easier to spot a moose.

3. Moosehead Region

Well duh, it's called Moosehead! Rt 15 sometimes offers a view of a moose or two, but the back roads of Moosehead are your best bet! This is one area that offer moose safaris where someone with knowledge of the moose habits will take you to the moose.

4. Rangeley Lakes Region

Western Maine is covered with moose but this area specifically. Local woods roads or the roads in and around Rangeley Lake State Park are popular spots to see moose.

5. Sugarloaf Region

If you have even driven into Sugarloaf ski area at night chances are you've already seen a moose. Nearby Flagstaff Lake and the Dead River are also places moose frequent in the day time, giving you a chance for a great photo.

Where do you go to see moose?

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