Three girls from eastern Maine are still in the running for the $25,000.

These girls have now advanced into Round Four of the Inked Magazine Cover Girl Contest!  Voting for the Top 5 in every group ends Wednesday at 11 p.m., so can you give a few Maine girls your vote?

The grand prize winner of this national contest will score $25,000, and join celebrity photographer Christopher Kolk for a cover shoot.

Kylie Bean (pictured left), who is 23 years-old and from Enfield, is now one of ten girls left in her group.  She currently places seventh in the group and really needs your vote to continue on, as this round will narrow the contestants to five. We contacted Kylie and asked what she would do if she won the grand prize and she told us, "If I win I want to help people who are less fortunate have a good experience getting their first tattoo that hopefully means something special to them, or something that makes them feel more confident. I love tattoos and have a full sleeve on my left arm, ribs, chest, foot and ankle."

Caprice Stevens (pictured center), 25, from Lincoln, is currently #1 in her Group of 10 contestants. Caprice, a self-proclaimed "small-town Maine girl," says if she wins the $25,000, "I would be able to buy myself a new camera so I could pursue my dream of traveling and photographing my journey!"  Caprice was asked by the magazine if getting tattoos was addictive; "I haven't stopped since my first tattoo and have accumulated 12 so far!"

Savahna Noel Schmauderer (pictured to the right), is from Machias, and is currently #4 in her Group. Savahna tells Inked Magazine that she's "an artist, who loves to draw, paint, and build cakes with fresh flowers, so naturally, my body is covered with them and just a few skulls." We contacted Savahna and she told us, "If I won, I would expand my business. I bake cakes and I’m starting to do tattoos so something combined. I have three beautiful children and I’m a single mother so I could use all the help I could get!"

Round five begins this Thursday, and will narrow down the five contestants left in each group to only one. Three more rounds will give us a national winner, and we hope whomever it is that they're from Maine.

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