No matter if you are from-away and visiting Bangor or are a lifetime resident, there are many locations and things to experience here in the Queen City that are most-dos.

We created a list based off of the top things to do in Bangor according to A few items on their list do not exist any longer so we wanted to give an updated version that gives you a list of recommendations of things to check out here in Bangor.

The destinations on the list showcase Bangor's history and evolution, from taking walks back in time with museums to modern experiences to enjoy national and international musical performances. Take a walk in the forest then visit a shop with a variety of curiosities to peak your interest. There is something for everyone on this list. This list will have you covering the wide variety of experiences that Bangor brings, urban experiences and remote experiences alike.

Here's a map for you to check out where the 25 items on our list will take you, in case you want to make a day of Bangor sightseeing or just want to know what's close to you.

Now, check out our list of novelty, New England, celebrity and history that represents that great experiences, sights, tastes, and sounds that Bangor has to offer. Enjoy these experiences and enjoy yourself some Bangor.

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