I can not imagine what I was thinking when I bought it. Think back a month or so ago and every trip to the grocery store was cruising aisles, pre one-way, looking at lots of empty spaces on the shelves where something you hoped to buy was already snatched up by someone before you got there.

Obviously toilet paper was impossible to find.  And forget about paper towels.  And hand sanitizer too. Most still not back to pre ‘panic buying’ stock levels.

Every trip to the grocery store was an adventure.

Now that most of the items on our weekly list are back in stock at the grocers, there is a lot less hoarding, and a lot more of our routines have returned.

As you think back a month, remember the joy of seeing cans of your favorite brand of beans in stock.  Or soup. Or pasta and pasta sauce.

One of those early trips where there were instances of lots of empty shelves when I would shop, I was in the canned soup aisle. And it was virtually bare. Except of course the New England Clam Chowder because who in Maine would buy a can of that?  Other then the dozens of cans of the chowder, there was one can of a brand I never buy of Tomato Soup with Parmesan cheese. I scooped it up. A month later it is still in the cupboard. Want it? I will never eat it. I don't like cheese in my tomato soup. And I am confessing because I should have known better than to buy it.

Glad I got that off my chest.

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