When it comes to listening to music on the radio and other sources, I would say that fans are happy enough with what they hear 'in the immediate' that they don't bother to dig any further to find out more about a particular artist or band.

For me, however, I'm nosy as all get out. I like to know about an artist's background, or how a song that I really enjoy came into being. Many times the stories 'behind-the-music' are funny or just downright gut-wrenching. Either way, knowing a little bit more helps me understand where the artist is coming from, and it helps me appreciate that person or group a lot more.

Now I've been in the radio business for a long time, and like listeners of country radio I have my own favorites. A few of mine include Steve Wariner, Jamey Johnson, Alan Jackson, and The Zac Brown Band.

Formed in 2002, the Zac Brown Band is by far the most down-to-earth, grounded bands in country music today. And Zac Brown will tell you that they've paid their dues to get where they are in the music business. It certainly wasn't handed to them. And you've ever thought about a music career, you should know that it takes lots of hard work, tears, and sacrifice ... that's what lies ahead for anyone pursuing music on a Nashville level.

My point in all this is to always dig a little deeper than the song that you like to listen to and sing along with. You'll never know what you'll find.

Learn a bit more about Zac Brown and his band by watching a well-done video: