It's that time of year that a lot of folks enjoy, including me: Fall! Warm days, cool gotta love it.

And most people would have to agree that New England States have some of the most spectacular fall colors in all the world. Which is probably why states like Maine draw in thousands upon thousands of the perennial "Leaf Peepers" every season.

But here's the dilemma: How does one know where the colors are peaking at any given time? Well, here's the answer: By visiting!

It's a great website that shows our state in regions, and the percentage of color on any given day in those areas.

And here's a few great things about

  • Provides links showing places for foliage hikes at parks and historic sites.
  • Links you to Forest Trees of Maine Centennial Edition--you can learn about our trees, pics, etc.
  • Animated movie solving the mystery of how leaves reveal their colors.
  • Links those "from away" to the Maine Office of Tourism.

So click the Leaf and visit