It has been a battle of words between two judges on two mega TV shows! Simon Cowell and Blake Shelton have been having it out with each other exchanging harsh words about each others show. Come on kids...behave!

It all started with Simon blasting the producers of 'The voice' for having a three night season premiere that directly conflicted with 'The X Factor's' premiere. Simon continued that a three night premiere is 'too much' and people will choose the 'X Factor.'

Those words didn't sit well with Blake. In an interview with Access Hollywood “Every time I turn around the guy is mouthing off,” Shelton said . “Don’t y’all wish you had time to sit around and b—h and moan like that guy does?”

Although Blake claims no credit as a producer he seems quite adamant about preserving his shows integrity.

Last year 'The voice' did beat out 'The X Factor' in the ratings.