What would you do to prepare for radical cancer surgery? Hug your loved ones. Pray. Dance? This video shows one of the bravest things I've ever seen. Breast Cancer patient Deborah Cohan was about to have a double-mastectomy and, instead of crying, she decided to hold a Flash Mob with her surgical team! The video will bring tears to your eyes, but will, ultimately, make you laugh. What an incredible woman.

Yahoo! reports that Deb is a mother of two. She decided, knowing that she needed the radical surgery, that she wanted to celebrate before going under the knife. And I have to admit. It had to have given her and her entire team a seriously positive vibe as they began the procedure!

Obviously, Deb is the woman at the center of this flash mob, in the green surgical gown. The entire room is dancing to 'Get Me Bodied' by Beyonce. When she remembers this day, it won't be with sorrow, but with laughter. Watch her swing her arms, shake her hips, encourage the others to join her, and tell her cancer, enthusiastically, that it won't win.